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Birthday parties are overrated

I didn’t have a birthday party this year. It’s not that I don’t like to celebrate it or that I dislike growing older, but I knew if I waited a few weeks something better would happen…

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Why Drinking Chocolate Transports Us

Usually, when we go about making a “kid food” into an “adult food,” we have to add certain flavors that connote grown-up-ness: coffee, booze, psychotropics, and so forth. Not this time…


So Fresh

Jackfruit coconut oatmeal, vegan dan dan noodles, hazelnut marionberry s’mores. Sounds like R&D for a globally-inspired pop-up, right? Or maybe it’s just what these people eat when they camp…


Why land sharing is a game changer

It’s a type of camping that only exists in commercials. You know, the ones where a pensive dude plucks a guitar by a roaring fire while his attractive friends laugh amiably in the background?


Scratch that itch

We all get that itch, the one that constantly reminds us of how beautiful it is outside and how it’s been a while since you’ve spent time in it. Whenever I feel that tug, this is my favorite go-to spot.