Photo credit: Erin Thiem

Inn Town Campground

If you could dream up a campground from scratch what would it include? Spacious sites? Communal kitchen? Outdoor movie theater for the kiddos? Look no further than this great spot in Nevada City, CA.

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Birthday parties are overrated

I didn’t have a birthday party this year. It’s not that I don’t like to celebrate it or that I dislike growing older, but I knew if I waited a few weeks something better would happen…

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Why Drinking Chocolate Transports Us

Usually, when we go about making a “kid food” into an “adult food,” we have to add certain flavors that connote grown-up-ness: coffee, booze, psychotropics, and so forth. Not this time…


So Fresh

Jackfruit coconut oatmeal, vegan dan dan noodles, hazelnut marionberry s’mores. Sounds like R&D for a globally-inspired pop-up, right? Or maybe it’s just what these people eat when they camp…


Why land sharing is a game changer

It’s a type of camping that only exists in commercials. You know, the ones where a pensive dude plucks a guitar by a roaring fire while his attractive friends laugh amiably in the background?