Photo credit: Erin Thiem

Inn Town Campground

If you could dream up a campground from scratch what would it include? Spacious sites? Communal kitchen? Outdoor movie theater for the kiddos? Look no further than this great spot in Nevada City, CA.


Where the wild things should be

What we used to think of as a “normal” childhood is something that we now have to engineer as parents. Why is that?

camp story contest square

Hey kids! Love to camp?

Got kids? Tell them to share their favorite camping story for a shot at some delicious prizes…


Got Moxie?

She grew up in the jungle, fell in love with the outdoors, and knows how make just about anything. Meet the one-woman sustainability powerhouse with a passion for adventure, camping, and delicious DIY bugsprays…


Gourmet s'mores are the way forward

We like to think of ourselves as grown-ups—grown-ups who just happen to eat a lot of s’mores. Especially the dangerously habit-forming, boutique varieties being sold by these guys…


Why land sharing is a game changer

It’s a type of camping that only exists in commercials. You know, the ones where a pensive dude plucks a guitar by a roaring fire while his attractive friends laugh amiably in the background?