Scratch that itch

We all get that itch, the one that constantly reminds us of how beautiful it is outside and how it’s been a while since you’ve spent time in it. Whenever I feel that tug, this is my favorite go-to spot.


The Bearded Sole

This 29-year-old ultra marathoner is trying to break the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Crossing of America by running coast to coast in 45 days or less. He tells us why…


Check out these dirtbags

Are we internet famous yet? So stoked to become a sponsor for one of the best outdoors podcasts around…

alicia in alaska 2_square

Meet the chefs, part deux

We met Alicia Boyes at Burning Man (where else?) and bonded over our shared love for making madcap meals in the desert and watching trashy ski movies from the 80s.

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Meet the Chefs, part one

An interview with Gemma and Murray Cruickshank, two members of the team behind Ski Provisions, our new line of gourmet meals for the winter season.

jme camera_featured

Wanted: Fireside Ambassadors

Do you obsess about camping? Do you whittle away hours at work planning your next overnighter, bookmarking state parks and elusive sites? Do you wax poetic about foldable chairs?