Product Questions

  • What comes with your meals?

    Almost all of our meals include everything you need. We have a few dinner meals with recipes that call for perishable items. In these cases, we tell you exactly how much to buy.

  • Why don’t you include very perishable items?

    We could; however, timing the shipment with your excursion might present an issue. But more importantly, the packaging requirements to keep that food cold during transit are excessive. Our goal is to pack your meals with minimal, recycled materials. Plus, who likes their meat sloshing around in the cooler the whole trip?

  • Do your meals include printed recipe cards?

    Breakfast items have their recipes printed on the label. For dinners, we include a recipe card with your shipment. We do recommend keeping the card in a plastic bag in case of adverse weather conditions.

  • Where do you purchase your food?

    We strive to source our provisions from responsible farms, importers and food artisans. Please explore some of our partners here.

  • I’m going backpacking, how much do your meals weigh?

    If you purchase our backpacker or overnighter excursion plan, typically you can assume a weight of 1.5 – 2.0 pounds per person, per day for our food. This variance depends on what you order and whether or not you include chicken pouches with your meals (~7 ounces per pouch).

  • I have a group that’s larger than eight people, what should I do?

    We’re happy to accommodate you! If you’re booking in advance of 10 days, you can add two meal kits to your order (one for eight people, then another for the additional number). We’ll likely need to ship in two boxes, but you’ll still receive your meals in time.

  • I’m a first time camper, how do I know what to pack?

    Congratulations! We’re here to make sure that experience goes well. Whether you’re headed car-camping or to the backcountry, we’ll email you a checklist for that excursion and also a checklist, specific to the meals you ordered so you’re all set to go. Feel free to reach out if you have any other sorts of questions, either specific to Fireside or just general camping questions:

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