Scratch that itch



Jaymie Shearer is a Fireside Provisions ambassador and photographer who is drawn toward the simple beauty found in the everyday. We asked her to show us to one of her favorite places and here’s what she turned up…

We all get that itch, the one that constantly reminds us of how beautiful it is outside and how it’s been a while since you’ve spent time in it. Whenever I feel that tug, my default go-to place is Big Sur.


Living on the Central Coast for over four years has given me close access to the bright blue, rugged coastline that Big Sur is renowned for. So, early this winter, I took a weekend trip and headed north to spend some ‘me’ time with this landscape I love.


My first stop was just north of Morro Bay where it was hard not to eat all of my provisions at once! I ended up digging into the Ginger Chicken Cashew dinner as the sun set over the ocean. It was oddly warm that evening, and with golden light laying on everything from the sand to the sea, it felt like Mother Nature’s blessing for the weekend to come.


As the last light left the sky, I drove the southern portion of Big Sur with the moon hiding behind the mountains to the east. The stars were out and seemed to grow even brighter as I drove up Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd to find a place to car camp for the night. I found a spot overlooking the cliffs above the ocean and set up camp.


After an hour of photographing the starry sky and savoring my cup of Treehouse Drinking chocolate, I set my alarm for before sunrise and fell into a deep contented sleep. Throughout the night, I would awake and notice the stars had shifted slightly. They were so brilliant, it was hard to miss.


In the morning I packed my things, made some delicious oatmeal for the road and headed for McWay Falls. I wanted to see the sunrise over the falls and was excited to find I was the only one with this idea. Watching the colors bleed across the sky was an experience my photographs can only vaguely capture.


The next day I headed back down south to the Central Coast where my brother joined me for a Pesto and Sundried Tomato Pasta at a little local spot called Pirates Cove. We made our way down the path with backpacks full of blankets, food, cooking gear, and beverages. We snacked on Curried Cashews (my all time favorite new snack) and GORP Energy Chunks, thoroughly enjoying the sweet and savory combo those two offered.


I’m always amazed by the beauty that’s located in such close proximity to where I call home. Big Sur does take some planning to get to, but it’s easier than you think. Just listen for that internal siren song to get outside, then make your move. Grab some good food, invite a friend or pack a good book, and treat yourself to an adventure.

Bon voyage!

Jaymie is a photographer who is drawn toward the simple beauty found in the everyday. She currently lives in San Luis Obispo and is available for hire. Learn more about Jaymie here and here. Follow Jaymie on Instagram here. And sample her always updating playlist here.