Do you know how to Leave No Trace? Prove it.


Hey, it’s Earth Day next week—Friday, April 22nd. We know, it doesn’t mean much for most people. It should compel us to take action—action that goes beyond piddly neighborhood clean-ups and obligatory school projects involving recycled art (ugh!)—but it doesn’t.

But listen: there are things we can do. If you love hiking, camping, climbing, paddling, and generally soaking up wilderness vibes, then you should know these golden rules. You’re probably already doing all of them. But let’s make sure, shall we? Take our “Leave no trace” quiz and show us your wilderness chops. (And keep those browser tabs closed—no fair using the Internet to McGuyver your way out of this one.)

When you’re done (and so thirsty to learn more), head over here for the official background on Leave No Trace or over here for the crowd-sourced version. Happy Earth Day everyone!