TMDE’s Guide to Death Valley



The Modern Day Explorer (TMDE) is a website dedicated to unearthing and exploring the best adventures in the US. Recently, they hit the road to document one of the strangest landscapes out there…


Holding the record for the hottest air temperature ever recorded at 134 °F, it’s no wonder why they call it “Death Valley”. Situated east of the Sierra Nevada and in-between the Great Basin and Mojave deserts, this is truly a land of extremes. It’s one of the most extreme environments on earth with an average rainfall of less than three inches, and in true death valley fashion some years have actually received none.


However, despite its record droughts a great diversity of life manages to survive in valley; like an occasional wildflower seen sprouting through the ground, or a hidden lush oasis harboring tiny fish and refuge for wildlife.


Visit The Modern Day Explorer to see more striking photography from Death Valley and to get the full guide. You can see all of their guides here. Their story on the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House, also in Death Valley, is especially fantastical.

(Full disclosure! We supplied Paul Martinez, founder of The Modern Day Explorer, and his wife, Grecia, with delicious provisions for their Death Valley jaunt. All opinions about their experience of our meals and service are their own.)